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15 May 2007 @ 09:31 pm
I felt that it'd be much easier for everyone to introduce themselves in this thread instead of just making a new post every time;

Reply with the following answers;
Birthdate: (DATE/MONTH/YEAR)

Favorite Psychic Kid:
Favorite Power:

Favorite Winchester:
Favorite Episode:
Favorite Monster
Favorite Quote/Dialogue:

Any Other Fandoms?
Anything Else To Add?
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squee1123: [Bobby Rulez] elliepticalsquee1123 on May 18th, 2007 01:58 am (UTC)
Name: Kristina
Birthdate: 9-5-89
Age: 17
Location: Nebraska

Favorite Psychic Kid: Its a toss up between Ava and Andy.
Favorite Power: God, I can't even choose.

Favorite Winchester: Dean. But I'm pretty fond of Sam too.
Favorite Episode: To date, the finale. And its just now ending.
Favorite Monster: Meg! (and Sam-as-Meg) If those count. Otherwise, the Benders.
Favorite Quote/Dialogue: Dean's "I will march into hell" speech.

Any Other Fandoms?: Heroes
Anything Else To Add? Peace out, girl scout.
April: Bleeding me :Supernatural:darkspectre on May 18th, 2007 08:00 pm (UTC)
Name: April
Birthdate: May 01, 1984
Age: 23
Location: Southern California

Favorite Psychic Kid: Probably Andy Gallagher, but I love me some Sam.
Favorite Power: It hasn't been featured on this show yet, but I love Pyrokinesis.

Favorite Winchester: Sam
Favorite Episode: Asylum
Favorite Monster: Pretty much anything dealing with ghosts and the like. As far as the show goes, I really enjoyed the Wendigo.
Favorite Quote/Dialogue: Dean: You still bust out crying whenever you see Ronald McDonald on the television.
Sam: At least I'm not afraid of flying.
Dean: Planes crash!
Sam: And apparently clowns kill.

(Like Sam, I HATE clowns too.)

Any Other Fandoms? Lost, Heroes, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, X-Men... It goes on.
Anything Else To Add? I'm just a little horror nut, and your friendly mod of this hear community. Thank you everyone for joining. I appreciate it.
Melphantasy_flame on May 23rd, 2007 12:11 am (UTC)
Name: Mel
Birthdate: 16/10/1989
Age: 17
Location: Ontario

Favorite Psychic Kid: After Ava went bad? Andy.
Favorite Power: I have to go with what I see as the most useful. Telekinesis ^^ Poor Max!

Favorite Winchester: DEAN.
Favorite Episode: Daaamn. S1? Hell House. S2? God, too many to choose from.
Favorite Monster: Benders and Meg-Cheers squee1123! And the daevas (sp?)
Favorite Quote/Dialogue: Dean: I'm the oldest, which means I'm always right. (or somesuch)
YED: Oh my! I'm shocked at this unforeseen turn of events!
Damn my memory..there are more!

Any Other Fandoms? LotR, HP, hrm.
Anything Else To Add? S3 cannot come soon enough.
kePPy: SPN- 2x21 '<3 Andy'kepp0xy on May 24th, 2007 09:29 am (UTC)
Name: Kelly
Birthdate: 12-06-87
Age: 19
Location: Vancouver

Favorite Psychic Kid: Andy!!!
Favorite Power: gotta go with Andy's- mind control is pretty sweet

Favorite Winchester: ... Dean
Favorite Episode: er... tough choice. Take your pick from 1x02, 1x03, 1x09, 1x12, 1x18, 2x05, 2x07, 2x09, 2x10, 2x15, 2x18, 2x19, 2x20, 2x21, 2x22. Er, narrow enough selection pool? *facepalm*
Favorite Monster: gotta go with YED
Favorite Quote/Dialogue: *points to answer for Favourite Ep* I think I'll skip this question...

Any Other Fandoms? Namely also playing in Stargate: Atlantis, but also sometimes Twilight/New Moon
Anything Else To Add? great idea for a comm... the psychic kids need t3h love too! ♥
near misses and random shoes: Fanboy Deantinitrinity on June 3rd, 2007 04:53 pm (UTC)
Name: Gabby
Birthdate: 31-8-87
Age: 19
Location: Texas

Favorite Psychic Kid: Ava
Favorite Power: Andy's simon says ability

Favorite Winchester: Plz, dont make me choose
Favorite Episode: Faith, but I love all the episodes equally
Favorite Monster: YED
Favorite Quote/Dialogue: That's like choosing a favorite brother, just can't

Any Other Fandoms? Heroes, SGA & SG1 (not really anymore though)
Anything Else To Add? Did I hear someone say pie? *points up to other comments*

katieackleskatieackles on September 3rd, 2007 06:41 am (UTC)
Name: Katie
Birthdate: 21st June
Age: 15
Location: Aus

Favorite Psychic Kid: Andy!
Favorite Power: Mind Control, dude.

Favorite Winchester:... do I have to decide?!?!
Favorite Episode: AHBL1
Favorite Monster: ... Meg. She had style, man.
Favorite Quote/Dialogue:... again, you're going to make me decide?!

Any Other Fandoms?: Gilmore Girls, almost.
flying_spoon3: This is why we love vampiresflying_spoon3 on February 18th, 2008 06:58 am (UTC)
Name: Becca
Birthdate: 27/05/87
Age: 20
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Favorite Psychic Kid: Andy Gallagher
Favorite Power: Andy's power of making people bend to your will, though like him I'd only use it if necessary

Favorite Winchester: Sam
Favorite Episode: Skin, Simon Said
Favorite Monster: YED, Shapeshifter, Shtriga... the Trickster is pretty sweet too.
Favorite Quote/Dialogue: "Dean, we dont have time for any of your blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah... BLAH!" - Sam.
"You think you're being funny but you're being really, really childish. Sam Winchester wears make up. Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by the bed and everytime he wakes up... OKAY ENOUGH!" - Sam and Dean.

Any Other Fandoms?: Scrubs, The Office, Life On Mars, there's more I just cant think of them right now... lol sorry.
Anything Else To Add?: I'm currently eating Cheetos, the crunchy kind.